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art & historic buildings story trail

Art enriches our lives. Avoca is proud of its Arts complex centred around the historic Avoca railway station. New artists exhibit on a regular basis. If you are seeking to “warp” back to colonial Victorian times then Avoca will be a real treat. There are many historic buildings that will impress you. Starting with the widest High street in Australia, to variety of olden time shops and buildings.

Your curiosity will be rewarded.

1. Barking Owl Silo Art

2. Contemplation memorial

3. Gallery 127

4. Avoca Railway Station

5. Avoca State School

6. Ice Pump

7. Churches

8. Bank of Victoria

9. Old Police Precinct

10. Watford House

11. High St to Duke St. North bound

12. High St to Bridport St. South bound


⌚ Time = 2 - 3 Hrs.

💓 Easy walking

🚘 Relaxed driving

Story Trail D/load Instructions

Video Guided Story Trails are created and produced by:

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