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Sunday October 2

nd. at the Town Hall. 11.00 am to 4.00 pm

Get ready. something different will happen in Avoca. It has never happened before.

Grab your calendar and mark it in,

Every resident will be invited to come along and say “thank you” to all our community groups for being such an important part of the rich well being tapestry in our community.

If you belong to a community group or club It will be a great way for ALL Avoca residents to explore and chat with your organisation or group.

We seek your involvement and active support for this event. How?

1. Presence at the Expo via a display / information table promoting your club / group.

2. Meet and chat with prospective new participants who share an interest.

A representative from Advance Avoca will be contacting community groups and clubs to provide additional support.

The Avoca Big Expo is a joint initiative between Advance Avoca Inc. and the Pyrenees Shire.


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