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Avoca: said “thank you” to our community volunteers.

Volunteers, clubs and groups add to our Avoca community, providing a rich tapestry of ways to meet and share our interests, hobbies and friendships.

Over 30 organisations from the Avoca community responded to Advance Avoca Inc’s call to share their Club/Group with the residents. Supported by the Pyrenees Shire and the Bendigo Bank Community Grant, every resident was invited to come along and say “thank you” to the volunteers.

A lovely spring day allowed the community to browse the various displays and learn more about different groups. Many stopped for a chat. Friends of the Pool provided sausages and refreshments.

The focal point of the Expo was the debut screening of a short film about Avoca’s Clubs and Groups by local film maker Andy Ferguson.

The Expo was organised by Advance Avoca Inc. in partnership with Pyrenees Shire and Bendigo Bank Community Grants and Jobs Victoria.


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