Amazing race | gameplay & rules


The Amazing Race Avoca is played by teams undertaking challenges that involve using Video Guided Story Trails. During the course of a Story Trail teams will be required to seek, search or research clues and information that is submitted via an online form. Scores are published. The Race concludes with a Grand Final event where prizes and trophies are awarded. 

Results are best achieved by following the Story Trails using a mobile (Smartphone / iPad / Tablet, with the Story Trail downloaded to the device.

The goal of the Race is to have fun and increase the awareness of the many stories that Avoca has to share.


​Race Rules & Conditions

  1. The goal is to complete all challenges at all given locations. The team with the highest score will be awarded the grand prize!

  2. The Amazing Race Avoca consists of primary 2 Race Events/Challenges each worth 30 points for a total score of 60 points

  3. Additionally, there are 2 Detour creative challenges. Each Detour carries an additional 20 points in value

  4. The Team that achieves the most points from a maximum of 100 points wins

  5. Team scores will be posted on the > Amazing Race section.

  6. Should there be an equal score at the completion of Race/Challenge Event 2, then a "knockout" challenge will be announced at the Grand Finale, to be completed during the Grand Finale

  7. Teams will SUBMIT responses via online forms. ONLY ONE submission per Event/Detour is permitted.

  8. Teams are advised to take notice of specific event advice as noted for that Event or Detour.

  9. Absolutely no correspondence or engagement with the Race Judges / Marshall (who will be anonymous) is allowed.

  10. The Race Marshall may choose to contact a Team Captain as may be required.

  11. The aim of the Amazing Race Avoca is to highlight Avoca’s attractions and stories.

  12. Primary Race Events will focus on the following Video Guided Story Trails

    1. Avoca Town Walk Story Trail

    2. Vistas – Valleys & Vines Story Trail

  13. All Teams must consist of five (5) people.

  14. Register your Team here

  15. Teams are NOT restricted to residency in Avoca. Entrants are invited from the Pyrenees Shire and beyond.

  16. Teams MUST declare a team name. (be respectful at all times)

  17. Each Team must designate a Team Leader and Deputy Leader

  18. Teams should have a member that is digitally confident.

  19. A team member should be assigned the responsibility to check Race postings and email notifications on a daily basis.

  20. New team members can be swapped in to replace an existing team member by contacting the Race Marshall

  21. Teams must complete each challenge as specified by clues given to them to qualify for the grand prize.

  22.  When talking or interacting with strangers, business owners, or community members, all participants must be polite and respectful.

  23. Teams can show initiative to complete a Race Event/Challenges.

  24. Some Race Events/Challenges involve driving.

  25. All Team members MUST be present at the pre Race Briefing event and, at the Grand Finale Presentation event.

  26. All challenges must be completed, within the allocated time frames for each event

  27. Winners will be posted in the > Smashed Avocado news

  28. Your team gives permission to Advance Avoca Inc. to publish photos with by approval via Registration.

  29.  Please note: Cheating, stealing, sabotaging, removing items, or breaking the law will result in automatic disqualification

Race Calendar

START > Race # ! |  Sunday Feb. 6th 1.30pm. 2022 at Gallery 127 Railway Stn. Precinct

DETOUR # 1 | Sunday Feb 20th to 12.00pm  Feb 26th

  • Creative challenge = 20 points. Released online

  • Completion date = Saturday Feb. 26th.

Race # 2 |  Sunday Feb. 27th 2022 to Saturday 5th March 12.00pm 

DETOUR # 2 | Sunday March 6th to 12.00pm  Saturday March 12th, 2022

  • Creative challenge = 20 points. Released online

GRAND FINALE | Presentations and Prizes | Sunday March 12th 1.30pm. 2022 at Gallery 127 Railway Stn. Precinct

  • On the spot Creative challenge ONLY if there are tied scores.