Spring canola fields , Vinoca Road.


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Avoca and surrounding hinterland


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AVOCA: Township Trail

Follow our Story Trail and discover the following:

  • Historic Avoca Hotel

  • How Avoca was founded by mounted troopers

  • Avoca River nature trail

  • How a house built in Germany arrived in Avoca

  • Chinese garden

  • Cobb & Co and gold prosperity

  • The oldest apothecary

  • Victoria Hotel

  • Bullocks and Barrells 


2 Hrs approx.

Explore and uncover the following:

  • Barking Owl Silo Art

  • Gallery 127

  • Memorial Contemplation Garden 

  • Avoca Railway Station

  • Avoca Primary School

  • Ice Pump

  • Rutherford St Churches

  • Bank of Victoria

  • The Camp - Police Precinct

2 - 3 Hrs approx.

  • Watford House

  • High St. - Northbound

  • High St. - Southbound


AVOCA Art & Historic buildings


Union Jack Mine - Percydale

Follow our Story Trail and discover the following:

  • How a fiddle started a gold rush

  • Could you endure the hardships

  • Avoca cemetery

  • An original pioneer cottage

  • A slate dairy

  • Deep lead mine - Union Jack

  • Cyanide baths

  • The big "Bail Up"

2-4 Hrs approx.


Be enthralled by the following:

  • Panoramic vistas

  • The expansive vineyards

  • Learn about Mjr. Mitchell 

  • See the Avoca Falls

  • Pyrenees State Forest Fauna

  • No. 2 Creek Valley

  • Pyrenees State Forest Flora

  • Mt. Avoca Organic Wines

  • Taltarni Winery

3 Hrs approx.


Vistas | Valleys | Vines


Golden Valley - Elmhurst

Follow our Story Trail and discover the following:

  • Amphitheatre

  • Jarob Wool Farm

  • Garvanie Olives and Capers

  • Elmhurst

  • Really! A dead body in a tree!

  • Glenpatrick

  • Wimmera Hills Winery

  • Mrs Baker Still (Gin) House

2-4 Hrs approx.


Just a short drive north
from Avoca is a great family
owned winery with delightful
red varietals. 
Stay for lunch.
Enjoy afternoon tea or sample our wines
over a relaxing cheese platter.

1 - 3 Hrs approx.

Sally's Paddock Winery - Redbank


Mt Avoca Organic Wines

Take a short drive along the Pyrenees Highway > follow the signs

  • Enjoy organic wine tasting

  • Accommodation available

  • Join our Wine Club

1 -2 Hrs approx.


Blue Pyrenees Estate Wines

Follow the Waterfalls sign to Vinoca Rd:
A relaxed short drive
Panoramic vistas

The expansive vineyards
Wide section of popular wines.

1-3 Hrs approx.


My Avoca

My Pyrenees