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Union Jack Mine - Percydale - Story Trail

Imagine a well kept secret location and a solitary miner in the bushland in the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges.

A solitary existence and the need for music exposed his lucky strike. The sounds of a fiddle started a new rush, and many were Chinese.

From alluvial mining to the Union Jack Company mine, Percydale reveals the courage and hardship endured to unearth the riches below.

Your curiosity will be rewarded.


A fiddle started a gold rush

1. Avoca Cemetery

2. Daly’s Cottage

3. Slate Dairy

4. Old Township site

5. Decision time

6. Fiddlers Creek

7. Union Jack Mine

8. Cyanide Baths

9. The “Bail Up!”

⌚ Time = 3 - 4 Hrs.

💓 Mindfull walking

🚘 Mindfull driving

Story Trail D/load Instructions

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