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Pyrenees  State Forest

Imagine a well kept secret location and a solitary miner in the bushland of the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges.

A solitary existence and the need for music exposed his lucky strike. The sounds of a fiddle started a new rush, and many were Chinese.

From alluvial mining to the Union Jack Company mine, Percydale reveals the courage and hardship endured to unearth the riches below.

Your curiosity will be rewarded.

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Mount Avoca Organic Wines

Address: Moates Lane, Avoca

Tel: +61 3 5465 3282



Blue Pyrenees Winery

Address: 656 Vinoca Rd, Avoca VIC 346

Tel: (03) 5465 1111


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Welcome to my home

1. Vineyard views

2. Governor Rock & Lookout –

• Meet Major Mitchell

• Australia ‘Felix’

• Pistols at Dawn

3. Avoca Waterfall & Flora

4. Number 2 Creek Valley

5. Fraser Car park & Fauna

⌚ Time = 4 - 5 Hrs.

💓 Easy walking

🚘Gravel roads - driving

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