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Avoca is located 'midway to everywhere'. It is a 'gateway town' to the Pyrenees Region and several other significant surrounding regions in Victoria.

• 180 Kilometres North West of Melbourne.

• Take the Western Hwy, then Sunraysia Hwy.​

• 2 hours drive by car.

• Mediterranean type climate.

• Population 1100 (approx.).

• Close to Pyrenees State Forest.

• Vistas, valleys and waterfalls.

• Gateway to the famous Pyrenees wine region.

• Historic main street.

• Largest town in the Pyrenees LGA


Avoca has a creative focus. Storytelling is central to your experience.

Experience Avoca and you will have your own unique story  to share with friends and family.

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Know why?

Avoca has so many stories


Avoca is a vibrant, community minded rural town located in the heart of the Pyrenees Ranges. The town is supported by a number of active groups that are working towards promoting and encouraging growth, economic development and sustainability. With a growing population of over 1000 people,


Avoca is a popular traveller’s rest and tourist destination with many local wineries and vineyards attracting large numbers each year.


Avoca is also a strong, farming community that has rallied together over recent years as the impacts of the drought have worsened. Avoca prides itself on its sporting clubs which provide a great social and recreation escape for our residents. Over the past few years, we have been working tirelessly to maintain a healthy, prosperous and sustainable community.

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My Avoca


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