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How to use Video Guided Story Trails


We believe technology should inform and engage your destination experience.

Imagine your own personal tour guide to the most interesting attractions, landmarks and beyond. Be guided to interesting locations right on your smartphone. See images read and listen to 30 second narrations revealing the stories behind what you see.

A simple video interface (pause | play) gives you an immersive experience like never before.

Confidently find your way directly to locations of interest all content accessible through smartphone or tablet.

  • Plug in your headset and off you go.

  • Each member of the family and others can do the same and explore independently.

Ultimate convenience: Once downloaded, users simply need a portable (mobile) device. No Internet connectivity is required.

No costs. We just ask that you share far and wide.

Download the Story Trail to your SmartPhone or Tablet.

  1. From the Story Trails Home Page DOWNLOAD to your device.

  2. We recommend previewing the Story Trail

  3. Print the Trail map (optional)

  4. Go to the START Point

  5. Put your headset on, plugin, play and enjoy.

PREVIEW the Story trail from your computer or portable device.

  1. From the Story Trails Home Page PREVIEW it ONLINE or from our YouTube playlist.

  2. Print the Trail map (optional)

  3. Go to the START Point

  4. Enjoy your trail.

Story Trails are produced by:

Image by Federico Respini

How to Use Video Guided Story Trails

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