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Avoca Town Walk  Story Trail

Amidst the chaotic rush for gold in Victoria’s central goldfields during the 1850’s’ the need for law and order founded the township of Avoca.

Let’s take a walk around the town to discover some fascinating stories and interesting attractions.

Your curiosity will be rewarded!


We started this town!

1. Avoca Hotel

2. Historic Court House

3. Old Police Precinct

4. First Peoples

5. Avoca River - Nature Trail

6. River Red Gums

7. European & Chinese Arrivals

8. Prosperity

9. Oldest Apothecary

10. War Memorial

11. Victoria Hotel

12. Bullocks and Barrels

⌚ Time = 3 - 4 Hrs.

💓 Easy walking

🚘 No driving

Story Trail D/load Instructions

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